android ballistics app

android ballistics app

Features at a Glance :

  •  G1 and G7 ballistic models
  •  Metric and USA units
  •  Moa, Mils, and 1/4 Moa clicks
  •  Mil Dot Rangefinding Calculator
  •  Multiple BC values
  •  Ballistics Table
  • Atmospherics
  • Density Altitude

Advanced Version:

  •  GunSim Bullet and Ammo Databases
  • User Database Coriolis Effect 
  • Gyroscopic Spin Drift 
  • Custom Scope Click size
  • Chrono Distance Offset 

Sim Version as above, plus:

  • Visual ballistics
  • Random Scenarios
  • Drop Reticle and Impact Guide 
  • Mildots, Chevron, Red Dot, Iron sights 
  • Scale the field of view to match your scope
  • Targets from saved Images on your Droid
  •  Animated tracer bullet path